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Looking for Companies that Give Back

Buying and selling products are an act of business. The owner can be the root cause of any business name. This means that the debts is held responsible by the owner. The primary goal of a business is to identify the needs and provide solution to the problem. Business can be in a form of products or services. Without determining the needs there will be no solutions to provide about the problem thus there will be no customers and also business. In addition, far more and it always goes back to the customer. People who are in need are the ones taken the interest of any successful business. With that, how can any business owners give back to the people who are in dire need of help? The answer would be through funding any local, regional, national or international charities. Charities like soccer clubs, Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts group, church activities and any government organization such as Red Cross Youth and likes.
Charities can be of any size as long as someone benefits. The following are the list of big companies that donate to any charities in their community.

GE has been one of the top companies that give back to nonprofit organizations. Before, only college and universities were the company’s benefactors but now they include nonprofit affiliations. Any employee can give back to the choice of benefactors which ranges from $25 to a worth of $5000.
Google gives $50 to $12,000 in donations per employee each year. The Google company does not only give back to nonprofit organizations but even to foundations needing their help. One way of giving back to the community that the Google is using is the Google Dot Org which aims to help local, national and global communities. A worth of $100,000,000 is given as donations by Google through Google Dot Org to any organizations, foundations and affiliations that need of assistance. Google is also funding global entrepreneurs in developing country and also granting community request and giving relief in times of disaster. Any nonprofit websites can also be granted a financial aid by Google through their program called Google Ad Grants by helping boost the traffic.
The company of Starbucks is also donating to any charities and organizations. Starbucks’ Partner Match Program grants nonprofits where U.S. and Canadian employees and retirees volunteer. Additionally, the Starbucks Foundation is granting money to nonprofits devoted to young people and leadership.
The current and retired employees who did volunteer are given a grant by the IBM company. Any qualified school and nonprofit organizations can be given the chance as the benefactors of the IBM company.
Amazon best seller ranking list contains the full list of companies that grants financial aid.

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