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Who does not love a dish of omelet? And who cannot fix some for themselves? Omelet is an egg-based dish that is truly simple to make. You do not need a special skill to be able to whip this dish up. Even those among you who rarely get into the kitchen regularly can do so and enjoy a fulfilling any time you want. An omelet is so simple that it is the most preferred breakfast menu. Arguably, it is even a lot simpler than the already hassle-free pancakes. Think about it; the simplest version of an omelet calls for a beaten egg sprinkled with a little salt and cooked to set. Let it cool down a bit and then you can already have a healthy plate of breakfast. Sure, you can add a little more something if you feel like it but this plain version of an omelet is already capable of giving your body what it requires to go through the day—well, at least until the time for lunch arrives, that is. An omelet is a perfect menu for breakfast as it is quick to serve and easy to make so you do not have to undergo stress already in the morning from preparing a complicated breakfast menu.

So, how to make omelet simple? As mentioned above, all you need is an egg (or whatever amount of eggs you prefer). Crack the egg and beat it. You do not have to overbeat the egg; do so just enough to get the yolk and the white blended evenly. Set a pan over low heat. You can choose any kind of fat to cook the egg with but if you prefer your omelet plain and healthier, use a non-sticky pan. Pour the egg mix into the pan and cook until it turns solid and set. Leave it for a moment and flip the omelet so it cooks evenly on both sides. You can either leave it a bit runny or completely solid; again, this is a choice that’s totally yours to decide. It is you who will consume it any way.

Once the egg turns to a color you love (golden brown or fresh yellow, up to you!), turn the fire off. Move the egg onto a serving plate. The omelet you have prepared is plain. You can choose to pair it with anything you like. You can choose to make it a sweet dish, a savory one, or leave it be the way it is if the idea of consuming something flavorful early in the morning is something that you cannot comprehend. Any choice is equally interesting and fulfilling to get you ready for action. For a sweet variant, choose honey or milk to accompany the dish. For a savory one, add some ketchup to tickle your palate and wake you up. All that is left now is a cup of hot beverage, either tea or coffee. Still, a glass of fruit juice is okay and so is plain water.

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