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Amazing Benefits of Democracy

For a long period now, there has been a lot of change in the way of governance in a lot of countries. Most countries before their independence had an oppressive kind of rule over them. The dictatorial rule used in most countries is no longer used after independence. After abandoning dictatorship, most countries have changed to a representative type of government or otherwise known as democratic government. The citizens have enjoyed a lot of advantages from using the representative way of governance. The article below gives some of the many advantages gotten from democracy.

The interests of the citizens are protected in a democratic government. The interest is protected as they are allowed to vote for whoever they want to represent them. You are guaranteed of good representation because the person in the government is the one you saw best to represent. Previously citizens were not allowed to take part in the decision-making process, now because of democracy people can take part in the ruling by voting for political issues and also social issues. Because of the frequent voting in a democratic country, it has seen different people arising to power and not only one person or one group being in power. Back then, you would stay in power for a long period of time due to your strength, and the degree of your cruelty, but with the coming of democracy and the process of voting, this has been done away with giving everyone that has the potential of leading to be in power.

Democracy has made most leaders more responsible thus stabilizing the leadership and increasing the quality of leadership. In a democratic country when you are voted to power by the citizens you are supposed to fulfill your promises, if not, you will be removed out of power in the next election. Because of this rotatory kind of leadership, it has helped keep leaders on the run to try and fulfill their policies to the citizens which have made them more responsible. Democracy has promoted change. In a democratic country there is the voting of different leaders that have different ideas of creating change hence the country can accept a new way of leadership and change in their lives. Change has also been brought since democracy allows the citizens to express and speak out their minds.

Democracy has helped promote equality among the people in a country. Equality has been improved since everyone in the country are governed by the same law and have equal rights. This is better since it does not give those in authority the opportunity to oppress those that are not in power since no one is above the law. In conclusion, from the above article you can see some of the benefits that democracy has brought to a country and fight to maintain the democracy.

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