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Is There a Potential to File Claims against Someone Who Hurt Your Feelings

It is very likely that emotional suffering can be considered to be an injury to the body even though it is not physical. This is a severe mental trauma which one can have an experience on. Emotional distress may emanate a result of the terrible experiences which one might be subjected to. Mental suffering has no direct cure as its solution will be to seek the services of a psychologist. Among the other indicators of mental suffering are reduced appetite, anxiety, depression or even insomnia. The services of an attorney will be necessary in developing case against someone who will have caused your mental suffering through any whatsoever means which was used. There is a chance that you will have to sue that individual who hurt your feelings therefore causing you emotional distress. The way forward to file a lawsuit against an individual who will have caused you mental suffering have been noted here on this article.

A choice from among the two methods of filing emotional distress claims will have to be made. The negligent infliction emotional distress (NIED) is one of the types of mental torture claims that will depict your scenario. In case the actions were not planned but occurred without the consent of the defendant, you will need to file this type of claim. The defendant didn’t do it on purpose, this is what the statement implies. The best example is when you made several complains to your master of one of your colleagues harassing you but no action was taken.

Intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) is the second type of lawsuit which you could file. The IIED claims will only be filed when you will have proof to show that the severe actions which caused mental trauma were deliberately done by the defendant. Such scenarios will have to be very critical and will need proof in court to show that the actions were deliberate. It will be essential to establish categorize the scenario correctly with the help of a lawyer so as to have a stronger case. An example of a place where you will need to file an IIED case is where you were forced to see live killing revelations.

You will have to ensure that your case is stronger by having with you enough evidences of the actions of the defendant. This is because there are varied law requirements for filing a lawsuit depending on the jurisdiction. Since such a case is sensitive, you will have to file it immediately after the psychological torture so as to have a weighty case.

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