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Guidelines For Choosing Good Weed

When one is using the weed, it is always very good for one to make sure that they get something that is of good quality and this way one is very sure that they will get the best in the market and it is also very easy for one to get it. One of the ways that one is able to tell that the weed is good is by looking at its color, and when one gets the green one, one is very sure that this is the best and the brown one is not good for anyone. When it comes to the green color, it can always vary from the lighter green to the darker green and when it comes to a healthy plant it always produces a very healthy looking but and which do not have any undertones.

One of the things of knowing a good weed is by the use of the smell and the good sativa bud always smells like citrus and we also have the indica which smells like coffee or the chocolate. A bad weed does not have any smell with them or they can have a smell of hay which is not a very pleasant smell. With the buds structure we have the high-quality buds and the low-quality buds and when it comes to the high-quality buds like the sativa buds they are always fluffy and they are light and when it comes to the indica they are tighter and also dense. For the low quality the indica buds can look like the sativa like and they can be incomplete and also have invisible stems and also open buds which is not good.

When it comes to the weeds which are good, they always have the trichomes and with these ones they are always crystal like and they are always sparkling and they are also very much visible on the surface of the buds which is very good. When one wants to harvest the buds, one should always make sure that they do it when it is very mature so that one can get the best out of the plant. When it comes to the good and high quality weed, it always feels like the crumble in your own hands and when one wants to buy the weed it is always very good to ask the long that weed had been stored and also one should be able to tell you where.

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